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Topp d.o.o.
Šentvid pri Stični 152
1296 Šentvid pri Stični
Slovenia, Europe

Time and date
12/1/2023 9:57 PM

We provide the transportation of goods to/from Great Britain, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Austria and Hungary.
We also provide a link between these countries and Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Bosnia.
There is a growing need nowadays for travelling around as quickly as possible. That is why our company decided to provide the customer with an opportunity to travel in a private aircraft. The main advantage of hiring a private plane lies primarily in the fact that you save a lot of precious time; we can fly you off to a business meeting or away on vacation of your choice. The distillery is located in Obrh pri Dolenjskih toplicah, a small town on the outskirts of the Kočevje forest. The distillery has a tradition of several decades. A portion of the facility has recently been renovated and enlarged. There are 500 m2 of storage facilities and a fermentation area containing six tanks with a total capacity of 90.000 litres.

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